lundi 17 juin 2013

Front Entrance to Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland with Templar Cross overhead

Front Entrance to Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland with Templar Cross overhead

Rosslyn is a very special place, indeed, and its energies are an especially potent blend of geomantic and cosmic energies that converge precisely at this point. Here is a rare concentric apex.

Roslyn sets on a powerful telluric generator and is a major fulcrum point on the Planetary and Stellar Grids. This knowledge has been known in more advanced eras.

Reshel geometries were placed by design to secure the matrix around it. In a sense these reshel grids are like a computer system, etheric software. They were deliberately put in place. There are more ancient systems that are in the class of the Reshel, but these are of a natural telluric, as opposed to man's placed system. (Most of these are yet to be discovered, and not yet fully understood. Attempts to locate them, and accurately map them are as yet incomplete.

Rosslyn Chapel is intricately connected to the Rosslyn Glen. The powerful ley line that runs through the glen along the river, encircles the Chapel, but does not intersect it. This provides a double matrix of clockwise and counterclockwise spin around the mound that emits the vortex complex into the chapel, and supports the pattern of the dimensional portal. The Castle nearby is also connected to the energy of the Chapel. It stores the energy of the founding St Clair and those who protected the site for centuries.

The energy within Rosslyn Chapel is generated and directly feeds a series of energy sites in Europe and Britain. The majorities of these sites have majestic Cathedrals constructed over them, and pulse with great energies. Rosslyn also both sends and receives energy from specific global locations, from a pulsed system, a more ancient system. This function was based in part on a solar grid work. But as the sun continually evolves it is not now what it was then in aspect and as such this system is not in exact synchronicity." -- James Tyberonn

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